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3 September 2015

Serial CB radio pest receives unprecedented sentence

An Adelaide man has been sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment today in the Adelaide District Court for unlawfully operating and possessing radiocommunications devices. The sentence has been suspended in favour of a two year good behaviour bond; all equipment used in the commission of the offence has been forfeited to the Commonwealth by order of the Court.

The conviction is the harshest penalty yet handed down for such an offence.

It follows an investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority into allegations of abuse and harassment by Mr John Alexander Kiss while operating on the Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) in the Adelaide area.

Mr Kiss pleaded guilty in February 2015 to one count of unlicensed operation and two counts of unlawful possession of radiocommunications devices under sections 46 and 47 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

‘This is an important outcome for the CBRS community, the vast majority of whom use the CBRS in a responsible and appropriate fashion,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

‘The CBRS is there to benefit all Australians. It is not a platform for individuals to target and abuse other legitimate users. While we recognise that CB users’ behaviour can vary, Mr Kiss’s contraventions were so severe that regulatory intervention was needed,’ Mr Chapman added.

Information about how to report the unlicensed operation or unlawful possession of a radiocommunications device is available here.

The matter was successfully prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

17/10/2011 – CFA Brigade Receives A Generous Donation

The Little River CFA in Melbourne’s west was presented a new UHF CB radio this week generously donated by Uniden Australia


UHF CB Australia was happy to be able to present the radio to the brigade on behalf of Uniden which will be installed into a new fire tanker just in time for the upcoming fire season


Many CFA brigades use UHF CB radio to communicate with other brigade members, private fire appliances and plant machinery like bulldozers on the fire ground when CFA radios are either not fitted or unavailable


UHF CB radio has been playing a bigger role with the emergency services in recent years more commonly in rural areas, allowing emergency crews to communicate with members of the community and gather important information en route

11/9/2011 – Iconic Repeater For Sale

Brisbane’s iconic channel 7 repeater VHQ07 is on up for grabs for one lucky UHF CB radio operator. VHQ07 currently located on Mt Glorious North West of Brisbane is currently up for a reluctant sale and includes

– VHQ07 repeater

– VHQ07 repeater licence

– Website

– Support service till the end of 2011

– Internet stream equipment

– Various other parts and accessories

The repeater has been a part of the UHF CB radio scene for some time now and the sale of such repeaters is extremely rare and this is one of those offers that won’t last for long

However along with the sale comes some stipulations so if you think you have what it takes to be a repeater owner visit the forums at and get all the information

19/8/2011 – Western Australia’s Northern Radio Association Call For Assistance

The Northern Radio Association (NRA) in Western Australia provides a number of UHF CB repeaters in and around Perth since 2003, saving a number of repeaters from closing and continuing to provide a service to the community

PER01 located 25 km north of Perth was the first repeater saved by the group followed PER08 in the CBD. The NRA then established PER04 helping create a broader membership base.

In 2008 The NRA learnt that the Mandurah & Districts Repeater Club was no longer able to maintain their repeater MTJ07, they stepped in and assisted the club until it closed and The NRA took over ownership of the service

MTJ07 served the community in its last location for over 10 years until December 2009 when developers requested the repeater be moved

For over twelve months The NRA has searched for a new home for MTJ07 and until March this year had been unsuccessful in that search. The Water Corporation eventually came through agreeing to have the installation on one of its towers. However the good news was short lived with the Water Corporation only allowing their own contract riggers to work on the site

The NRA has already spent thousands of dollars on equipment and preliminary works on this project however more money is needed to be able to return MTJ07 to service as well as keep its existing services operational

There are a number of ways you can help support The NRA, you can Become a member, Make a donation or Sponsor The NRA directly. Visit the NRA website and pledge your support today because without your help these repeaters may disappear forever

17/8/2011 – GME Offers Assistance to CFA Brigade After Theft

GME one of Australia’s largest UHF CB radio manufactures offered its assistance to the Pearcedale CFA after an offender broke into their fire station and stole equipment belonging to the brigade and its volunteer members, while they were attending a fatal car accident in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Peter Cook from GME was quick to arrange replacement UHF CB radios for the brigade after learning of the incident. However before arrangements could be made to get the replacements to the brigade Victoria Police arrested and charged an 27 year old male from Pearcedale and recovered all of the stolen equipment and returned it to the brigade.

Kevin Sullivan captain of the Pearcedale CFA brigade said  “He and the brigade was greatful for the support from GME, However with police recovering our equipment it is not necessary”

Pearcedale CFA like most volunteer brigades raise their own funds for extra equipment to assist the community so everyone involved is happy to see the speedy conclusion to this undesirable situation

30/5/2011 – ACMA Confirms 80 Channel Official

The ACMA today confirmed that the new UHF CB radio class licence is now officially in force meaning that UHF CB radio operators now have access to the newly revised 80 channel allocation

These changes are the biggest changes to happen to UHF CB since its introduction in the late seventies

The new class licence also means that UHF CB operators also have the opportunity to apply for licences for the new repeater channels 41 to 48

Full details of the 80 channels and frequencies can be found here

For instructions on updating your 80 channel compatible radio here

A detailed look at the final changes to the class licence will be online soon

27/5/2011 – 80 Channel Almost Here 

The Attorney-General gazetted the new UHF CB Class Licence 2011 on the 25th of this month as well as publishing the changes on the Governments ComLaw website yesterday Thursday the 26th. We believe these are the final steps before UHF CB radio operators will be able to access the new channels for the first time.

Unfortunately the Australian Communications and Media Authority were unavailable for comment at the time of writing this article, so we are not yet able to confirm a date that the channels will be officially available for use however we will publish any new information as soon as it becomes available

9/5/2011 – 80 Channel Update From the ACMA

Owners of UHF CB radios will now have access to more channels in the 400MHz band, following a comprehensive three-year ACMA review, and subsequent release of its time frames and plans to restructure the band.

Despite some incorrect media reports that users will have less radio frequency spectrum as a result of the changes to the band, the ACMA’s extensive consultation means the UHF CB band has been restructured into 80 individual 12.5 kHz wide channels. This has changed from the existing 40 25 kHz wide channels.

This restructure means the following changes to channeling arrangements in the UHF citizen band.

  • the UHF Citizen Band Radio Service will be extended upwards by 6.25 kHz to accommodate an additional 12.5 kHz channel
  • all voice channels will transition to 12.5 kHz bandwidth
  • existing repeater channels will transition to 12.5 kHz bandwidth, with new repeater channels created in the space between the existing channels.

There is a planned phase-in period for the new arrangements. Retailers will be able to supply 25 kHz equipment for approximately 18 months to clear existing stock while radio owners will be able to keep using their current 25 kHz radios for six years

The previous technical standard, which specified the technical performance limits and test methods for 25 kHz equipment, has now been revised to accommodate the new channel arrangements. Standard AS/NZS 4365:2011 was published in January 2011

Before new devices can be supplied to the market, the revised standard must be incorporated into the ACMA’s equipment regulations, and the Radiocommunications (Citizen Band Radio Stations) Class Licence 2002 must be updated to reflect the new channel arrangement

The consultation process on the changes to the class licence closed on 4 March 2011. After submissions have been reviewed, the revision of the class licence will be submitted to the ACMA for consideration. This is expected to occur before June 2011.

The ACMA has no plans to return to a system of individual CB operating licences, as clamed in some reports

10/2/2011 – Lightning Strikes Cause Chaos

Repairs were completed today returning MEL07 channel seven repeater Melbourne to service after lightning strikes destroyed equipment on the site. A Southern Rural Water spokesman said contractors have been in short supply after Fridays massive storm, delaying repairs to the site. A spokeswoman for MEL07 also said they were revealed that the damage was not related to the repeated abuse by a handful of operator in the Western Suburbs.

23/1/2011 – Melbourne Repeater Returnes To Service

The long awaited return of popular Melbourne repeater MEL07 finally came to an end with a committee switching back on the troubled service

A spokeswoman from the committee told UHF CB Australia today that “UHF CB Repeaters have played a vital role in the past during times of emergency, and with the fire season approaching we voted to fund the return of MEL07 for the community”

The committee has also not ruled out returning other repeaters to service in the coming months

Repeaters in Melbourne were switched of after a number of issues created by anti-social behavior, The committee hopes that these problems are now behind us, so everyone can focus on moving forward with other UHF CB Radio projects

10/12/2010 – LEN Volunteers Working Overtime During Floods

UHF CB Australia Local Emergency Network (LEN) volunteers across 4 states have been kept busy over the last week with flooding in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

LEN volunteers have been broadcasting up to 24 hrs a day important information about Flooding, Road Closures and in some cases the location of relief centers to members of their communities using UHF CB radio, A number of LEN operators have also reported passing on messages to friends and family of flood victims advising them that they are safe and well

With countless people across the country completely cut of by flood waters, For some of them UHF CB radio has been the only way of communicating with anyone outside their flooded properties, and has again proven how valuable UHF CB radio is when other means of communication fail

LEN is a program developed by UHF CB Australia to allow the sharing of information on a common channel eliminating any confusion in what channel to select for non emergency information in their communities, This week has proven how important  the program is and we look forward to developing it over the next few weeks with the feedback we have received from operators during its first real test

To get involved with the LEN program visit the LEN information page HERE

1/12/2010 – 80 channel delays

UHF CB Australia was advised today that changes to the class license that will allow operators of UHF CB radio access to the new 80 channel allocation has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances

Donald Robertson from the Australian Communications & Media Authority said in a statement to UHF CB Australia today that “The ACMA will consider making the new UHF CB standard soon as practicable after publication and public availability of AS/NZS 4365:2010.” and then went on to say “It is proposed that the ACMA’s standard will commence on the day after it is registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments which would reasonably be expected to be in late January”

This delay is a minor setback for those in heavily congested areas, but we have been assured that everything is being done to insure the changes come into place as soon as possible

UHF CB Australia will publish any updates as soon as they come to hand

To get the latest news as it happens subscribe to the UHF CB Australia Twitter Feed Here

29/11/2010 – Northside Radio Association RAFFLE!

The Northside Radio Association Inc In Western Australia Relies On Membership’s from its approx 100 members & Fundraising To Survive & Keep Its 4 CB Repeaters & 1 Amateur Repeater Operational.

Help The NRA To Keep The Repeaters Operational By Becoming A Member Or Purchasing A Raffle Ticket!

The NRA is unable to accept donations, so here is your chance to help out!! Buy up BIG on Raffle Tickets as many as you like!

The Funds Goto The NRA & You Also Have A Chance Of Winning A Great Prize To!!

Tickets Are $1ea
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Raffle Drawn: To Be Announced

To Purchase Tickets please visit The NRA website & purchase Via Paypal Please Use The Buy Now Button & Email Me Your Details Including Number of Tickets You Have Purchased & Your Tickets Will Be Delivered To You.

Alternatively You Can Send Money Via EFT & Again Email Me Your Details & The Tickets Will Be Delivered.

Tickets Will Also Be Available From Other Sources Such As NRA Representatives.

EFT Details.
The Northside Radio Association Inc.
BSB: 036079
ACC: 206486

Site fee’s for a CB Repeater are not cheap alot of UHF CB operators dont realise the costs involved in running and maintaining a CB repeater especially in excellent locations! Not to mention the hardware involved in setting up a repeater so please get behind a good cause and help keep CB repeaters alive in W.A.

Arthur Thompson VK6HSV
The Northside Radio Association Inc

20/11/2010 – 2010 Mountain Radio Challenge

The annual Mountain Radio Challenge (MRC) is on again this weekend Saturday the 27th of November

In its 20th year the MRC is planning its longest link, with stations from Tasmania to Central North New South Wales, as well as stations in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory listening out for extra MRC radio traffic

It’s not to late to get involved, If you are interested check out the official MRC website at or email Tony at

7/10/10 – UHF CB Change Confusion Update

The Australian Communications & Media Authority today published the updated channel listing for UHF CB Radio provided to UHF CB Australia in August this year

Publishing of the updated list now clears up the confusion and uncertainty giving a clear view of what changes are going to take place once the class license is replaced on the 1st of January 2011

The new channel listing which can be found here does not come into effect until the class license is changed at the end of the year. UHF CB Australia reminds all UHF CB Radio users that penalties still apply for breaching the current class license by using the new channels prior to January 1st.

28/9/10 – UHF CB Change Confusion

UHF CB Changes expected to take place on January 1st 2011 are still unclear due to conflicting information being distributed by the Australian Communications & Media Authority ( ACMA )

UHF CB Australia was informed and provided with what was believed to be the final updated channel allocation list by ACMA representatives after the Road Show Tour in August this year

However there has been conflicting information published and distributed by the ACMA this month reverting back to the confusing A & B channel labels, a numbering system that has been strongly apposed by Equipment Manufactures, UHF CB Groups and UHF CB Radio Operators

UHF CB Australia members are working hard to verify what is actually happening to the UHF CB Radio allocation of frequencies.

5/8/10 – ACMA Roadshow Tour

UHF CB Australia representatives attended the 400 MHz Roadshow Tour hosted by the Australian Communications & Media Authority ( ACMA ) in Melbourne this week

Expected to begin January 1st 2011 UHF CB radio will undergo a major transformation, The first major changes to the UHF CB allocation since its inception in the 1970’s. There has been a lot of speculation over the last 12 months as to what extent the ACMA will change UHF CB radio and some details were able to be confirmed other not

UHF CB stakeholders whom attended had the opportunity to express some of their concerns about some of the proposed changes directly to representatives from the 400 MHz Band Review team

A lot of constructive feedback was given to the ACMA about various different issues, and ACMA representatives described this input as invaluable part in moving forward with the project

Some of the changes that were outlined included:

  • Halving channel spacing from 25 kHz to 12.5 kHz (excluding Telemetry)
  • Doubling repeater channels from 8 to 16
  • Relaxing licensing requirements

Although details of many of the changes have been circulating for some time an official final decision had not been finalized until now, however some minor changes may still take place

Some good news for UHF CB operators 6 of the 8 new repeater channels 41 to 48 excluding 44 & 45 will be available immediately once changes to the class license take place, These channels were not expected to be available until 2016, However repeater channels 44 & 45 will not be available for use for an extra 6 to 12 months. This is because these channels span the current 5 / 35 emergency channels and two insure that there is no accidental interference with these repeaters, the ACMA will not issue licenses until the majority of emergency repeaters have been converted to the new 12.5 kHz spacing

UHF CB Australia is waiting for confirmation of the final channel allocation for UHF CB radio and once this is received information will be posted

26/7/10 – UHF CB Australia Northern Tour

Members of UHF CB Australia spent last week in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland assisting small rural communities to set up UHF CB radio based communications networks.

Many of the communities UHF CB Australia worked with towns that had very limited means of communication especially in times of emergency. UHF CB radio will insure these communities have a stand alone communications networks that will operate when other services like mobile phone and power networks fail.

Hosting information and training sessions UHF CB Australia advised locals on the different kinds of radios available, How to set up home and mobile radios, Basic radio procedures and much more. As well as touching on upcoming changes to UHF CB radio from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

All information sessions were fully booked out insuring the tours success as well as allowing our members to get a better understanding of the pressures on rural Australia

UHF CB Australia looks forward to running similar events later this year.


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