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New Zealand’s Personal Radio Service (PRS) and 26 MHz Citizens Band radio are very similar to Australia’s Ultra High Frequency Citizens Band (UHF CB) and 27 MHz Citizens Band services
The New Zealand Governments Ministry Of Commerce introduced the UHF PRS in 1996 to fill the void in freely available short range wireless communications, The UHF band was selected due to it’s ability to withstand atmospheric interference unlike the existing 26 MHz allocation.
Based on Australia’s UHF CB radio, New Zealand’s PRS is a great way for groups and individuals to communicate over short to medium distances free of charge without incurring ongoing operating cost 

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New Zealand PRS’s New Online Home
After repeated requests UHF CB Australia has launched a new section dedicated to New Zealand’s PRS and 26 MHz radio networks
For the first time New Zealand operators will be able to get the information that matters to them in one location as well as enjoy the same services offered to Australian UHF CB radio operators
If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to make contact with one of our friendly staff members 

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