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GME Media Releases
21/02/2011 - UHF 477MHz CB
21st February, 2011

The use of 477 Mhz CB equipment is governed by the Radiocommunications Class Licence as published by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority)

Whilst a new equipment standard AS/NZA 4365:2010 was released on the 27 January 2011 defining a new 80 channel narrowband standard, the class licence governing the use of such equipment is still to be mandated. The ACMA has given no firm date as to when the new Class licence will be released and this could be published any time between April and July 2011.

It is important to note the following facts about the current 40 channel wideband radio standard.

• Current wideband radios operating on 40 channels will be able to operate and communicate with the new 80
channel radios on the same channels 1 to 40 as before. The ACMA may revoke the use of wideband radios
some time in 2017.

• 80 channel narrowband radios can communicate with the 40 channel radios on the first 40 channels (1 to 40)
but have an extra 40 channels (41 to 80) which can be used to communicate with the new 80 channel
narrowband radios.

GME have been proactive in re-engineering a number of our current models to comply with both the 40 channel wideband standard and the 80 channel narrowband standard. This offers a great benefit to consumers who can now purchase radio equipment that is “future proofed” and will be compatible to the new standard when mandated.

As from December 2010 production onwards, a number of our current 40 channel wideband radios will be able to be upgraded to the new 80 channel narrowband standard. These radios are easily identifiable by the upgradeable sticker on the packaging and by the serial number with the prefix 012, 101, 102 and103. All radios with the serial number of 011 (November 2010) or earlier are not user or dealer upgradeable via software.

The TX3100 and TX3340 will be User upgradeable, while the TX3220, TX3420 and TX3440 will be Dealer upgradeable.


User Upgradeable

Your GME user upgradeable radio is capable of being upgraded to the new 80 channel narrowband plan by entering a code. This code will be a series of button presses which once entered correctly will upgrade your radio from the current 40 channel wideband plan to the new 80 channel narrowband plan. If the code is entered incorrectly simply turn the radio off and back on and re-enter the correct code.

The code will be released on this page of the GME website once the new class licence comes into effect. Please revisit this page of our website at this time to access the upgrade code.

Dealer Upgradeable
Your dealer upgradeable radio can be returned to GME or selected retailers for a free upgrade once the new 80 channel class licence comes into effect. At the time of the release of the class license if you would like to be directed to a dealer in your area who will carry out the upgrade please contact your local GME branch.

*It is important to note the following fact about the new 80 channel narrowband radio standard.

As with the older 40 channel plan, some channels are reserved for telemetry data only. There are also three channels reserved for future use. In summary :-

• There are 75 voice channels

• Channels 22 and 23 are reserved for telemetry and telecommand. Voice transmission is prohibited on
these channels.

• Channel 61, 62 and 63 are reserved for future use. GME radios can receive on these channels however voice
and data transmission is inhibited at this point in time.

• There are 16 Duplex channels 1 to 8 (31 to 38) and 41 to 48 (71 to 78).

• Channel 5 (+Duplex 35) remains the emergency channel.

GME upgradeable radios will continue to operate in full 25KHz wideband until the upgrade is performed. The radio will then operate in narrowband.

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